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Water Resources Engineering (Stormwater)



Water Resources Engineering LogoWhat is Water Resources Engineering?

To more accurately reflect its role and purpose, the Colorado Springs Stormwater Division has changed its name to Water Resources Engineering.

Stormwater has long represented the City’s team dedicated to managing the City’s storm drain infrastructure such as channels, culverts, creeks and waterways to convey water, mitigate runoff and flooding, and preserve water quality to comply with federal clean water regulations.

In recent years, more comprehensive watershed approaches have been replacing the traditional stormwater management practices.  The focus of stormwater infrastructure has transformed from building concrete culverts and underground storm drains to creating more naturalistic channels that convey water, but also become a valuable natural resource people can enjoy through the incorporation of trails or other amenities.

Ultimately, the purpose of Water Resources Engineering is for clean waterways. Because the majority of stormwater (precipitation or snow melt) eventually makes its way into our waterways and to downstream communities, managing our water resources at the source with a comprehensive approach, including the planning and management of constructed facilities, community education, and adopt-a-waterway program, is key to maintaining clean waterways for our community and our downstream neighbors.

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What is Stormwater?

Stormwater is rain or snow that falls on streets, parking areas, rooftops and other developed land and either flows directly into nearby streams or travels there through drainage systems, such as curbs and gutters, inlets, storm sewers, detention ponds and channels. The flows are then discharged, untreated, into major drainage ways such as Fountain and Monument Creeks.

Stormwater is a main source of water flow to our watershed. A watershed is the area of land that drains to a particular point along a stream. Managing stormwater runoff in terms of both water quantity and water quality is crucial to protecting people and property in Colorado Springs and in communities downstream of our city, and is the main job of the Water Resources Engineering Division. 


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Stormwater Issues:

Illicit Discharges

Drainage Concerns (Not Maintenance)

Project Issues

Revocable Permits


Stormwater Infrastructure Maintenance Issues:

Drainage Maintenance

Vactor Requests

Repairs to Existing Drainage Structures


Report Illegal Spills or Dumping

Report Spills or Illegal Dumping (719) 385-5980.  After hours (719) 491-6096

For further information, please contact:

City of Colorado Springs, Stormwater Drainage (719) 385-5980

Colorado Springs Utilities, Xeriscape Office (pesticide/plant alternatives) (719) 448-4555

Colorado Springs Utilities, Industrial Pretreatment (719) 448-4360

El Paso County, Solid Waste Management (719) 520-7878

Colorado State University Cooperative Extension (pesticide alternatives) (719) 636-8921