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Stormwater Program Implementation Plan

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The Stormwater Program Implementation Plan (SPIP) is a document that provides a roadmap for revitalizing the City’s stormwater infrastructure and operations.

The intent of the SPIP and its three Appendices is to describe how the City intends to create and structure its new stormwater program. It sets goals and objectives and lays out a foundation for transforming the City stormwater program from its condition in late 2015 to what is needed to satisfy the terms of the City’s MS4 Permit. In that sense the SPIP is a snapshot at one point in time of the types of necessary  program improvements. It does not describe the details of each component of its improved stormwater program; these details are being formulated by the new Water Resources Engineering Division staff with the help of outside experts. These details have been and will continue to be formalized in a variety of internal documents including a Program Description Document (PDD) referenced in the MS4 permit, standard operating procedures for maintenance, training manuals, inspection procedures, enforcement escalation policies, and the like.

The City is constantly improving its stormwater organization, systems and processes as it rebuilds its stormwater resources and capacity.  This document is nevertheless at a point at which the citizens of Colorado Springs and other interested parties should be aware of directions the City intends to take with its stormwater program. These are matters of obvious public health, safety, environmental protection, and financial importance and the City wants to be open and transparent.

Please be aware that the City continues discussions with federal and state authorities interested in this stormwater program. These discussions may lead to changes to the future structure, programs and function of the Water Resources Engineering Division. Please also be aware that the stormwater Capital Program described in this document continues to undergo discussion with the City’s downstream neighbors and other interested parties. This program, too, may change from the description in this document.

Thank you for your interest in the City of Colorado Springs stormwater program.

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