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Traffic Engineering


Traffic Engineering - A Division of Public Works

The Transportation/Traffic Engineering Division is responsible for the safe and efficient movement of vehicles and pedestrians on the public right-of-ways in Colorado Springs.

This Division responds to the complex and growing needs of the City's infrastructure systems by planning, improving and maintaining the City's streets movement, walkways and traffic control to ensure traffic safety and efficiency.

Transportation/Traffic Engineering consists of four sections that can be reached at the following telephone numbers:

  • Transportation Planning:                       (719) 385-5908
  • Traffic Management:                              (719) 385-5908
  • Signal Construction & Maintenance:     (719) 385-6721
  • Signs & Markings:                                   (719) 385-6720

 E-mail Address:

ENGINEERING CRITERIA MANUAL, adopted for public application, effective 1 July 2010. Includes Subdivision Policy, Pavement Design Criteria and Traffic Criteria Manuals 

The Intermodal Transportation Plan (IPT) guides policy and decision-making with respect to serving the city's existing and long-term transportation needs and to carry out the Goals of the City Comprehensive Plan and City Strategic Plan.