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Concrete Maintenance


The Operations & Maintenance Division manages concrete repairs to City cross-pans, curb and gutter, sidewalks and pedestrian ramps. During spring, summer, and fall, City and City-contracted PPRTA crews make repairs based on citizen requests and in preparation for overlay street resurfacing.

For decades, sidewalk repairs have been the responsibility of adjacent property owners. The City began to receiving PPRTA funding in 2005 to assist citizens with these repairs, but many of the City's sidewalks have been poorly maintained over the years and the backlog of needed work is extensive.

In order to manage concrete repairs each request is assigned a priority rating from one to four.  The criteria for these ratings are as follows:

    ASAP Severity Criteria 
    • Verified accident or injury caused by concrete damage
    • Disabled citizen home access impeded due to concrete damage
    • 250 yard proximity to a hospital, school, senior center, or bus stop

    High Severity Criteria (Severe Damage)
    • 75% - 100% of curb head or sidewalk is broken
    • 2 - 3 Inches of Vertical Settlement has occurred
    • Spalling (Chipping) has occurred over 50% or more of surface area

    Moderate Severity Criteria (Moderate Damage)
    • 25% to 75% of Curb Head or Sidewalk broken
    • Vertical settlement of 1 - 2 inches
    • Spalling (Chipping) over 25% to 75% of surface area

    Low Severity (Minimal Damage)
    • 25% of curb head or sidewalk is broken
    • Vertical Settlement of up to 1 inch
    • Spalling (Chipping) on 25% or less of surface


    ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act)

    The Americans with Disabilities Act states that all newly constructed or altered streets must contain curb ramps.  The Pre-Overlay Concrete program identifies and installs new pedestrian ramps to ADA requirements.  


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