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Bike Projects


 Arcturus drive is the 4th buffered bike lane to be implemented in Colorado Springs. Now totaling 4.5 miles of buffered bike lanes, this new addition connects Skyway boulevard to South 8th street. A buffered bike lane provides separation between adjacent traffic and the cyclist.

Arcturus drive

Flashing  Warning Beacon

26th Street Bike Counter/Flasher Beacon to alert motorists that cyclists are on the uphill switchbacks.

Prospect Lake Contra-Flow Bike lanes Complete

Contra-flow bike lanes added to extend existing bike lane travel.

Popcycle Bridge Progress

New updated Bridge (part of Legacy Loop) to educate cyclists on road safety.

8th Street

Directional Island and Median removed to make way for bike lanes.

Colorado Springs gets its First Green Lane

The bright green bike lane on South Tejon at I-25 and Motor Drive is a distinct visual reminder to motorists to be aware of cyclists riding south on Tejon.

The City’s First Protected Bike Lanes Now in Place

Protected two-way bike lanes are up on Prospect Lake Drive adjacent to Memorial Park and on Beacon Street connecting to the Pikes Peak Greenway.

T-Gap Bike Lane Gets Connected

Shared lane markings—sharrows on Monroe Street and a bike boulevard on North Corona Street—were installed to enhance the connectivity of the Templeton Gap bike lane.

Colorado Springs Home to Colorado’s First “3 Feet to Pass” Signs

The signs, which were installed on 26th Street and 30th Street, are the first of their kind in Colorado. They remind motorists of the State law requiring that they give cyclists at least three feet of clearance when passing.

New Downtown Bike Racks Keep Tech-savvy Cyclists Informed

New bike racks have been installed downtown to provide cyclists with a secure place to park their rides. QR codes on the top of each rack take you straight to the City’s Bike Colorado Springs website.