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Land Use Review/Development Review Enterprise


Planning Information

The Land Use Review Division handles the review of development applications for entitlement of a particular property. The Development Review Enterprise reviews the applications and permits that pertain more with the building permit end of the process. 

To schedule a meeting to speak with a planner click on the link below to fill out a pre-application meeting request.

Request for a Pre-Application Meeting

For general questions, please consult our Development Assistance Bulletins (DAB’s) located Here. If your question is not answered, contact the general land use review offices at 385-5905 or email

Development Assistance Bulletins (DAB’s)

Land Use Review Division

The Land Use Review Division ensures that the land use pattern created by new development meets the standards of the Zoning Code and Subdivision Regulations and is consistent with the Comprehensive Plan and enhances the quality of life and the design of the community. The Division staff:

  • Reviews development applications and provides management of development proposals and provides professional planning recommendations to the Planning Commission and City Council.
  • Investigates and resolves zoning and land use violations
  • Reviews various types of administrative permits (i.e., temporary use permits, day care home permits, home occupation permits and right-of-way encroachment permits)
  • Provides information regarding zoning, land use and development proposals to the general public and the development community

If you are interested in finding information about a particular area of the city or about a specific development project, you are welcome to call or come by the Land Use Review office. You can also use the online CityView, LDRS or LUIS Track programs.

Development Review Enterprise

The Development Review Enterprise (DRE) provides commercial and residential building plan review to ensure compliance with City land use regulations and manages financial and other administrative review programs associated with building permits.  DRE promotes a safer community through competent fire protection engineering plan review, design consultation, and fire code inspections for new construction. The Division provides:

  • Plan review for commercial and residential single and multi-family new construction and additions.
  • Hillside site plan review.
  • Administrative relief requests, CMRS applications, variances, waivers of replat.
  • Home occupation and home day care permits.
  • Sign permits, temporary use permits, mobile home site plan review.
  • Fire protection review and fire code inspections for new construction and fire suppression systems.
  • Information to contractors, developers and the public on a walk-in or call-in basis regarding building permits, zoning and land use requirements.




The City has an aerial map program titled 'SpringsView' which allows you to explore our community's geospatial characteristics. This program provides an aerial photo of properties within the City of Colorado Springs with a variety of information available including base zoning, overlays, parks, schools, topography, development plans, etc. Each layer can be turned on or off depending on the type of information needed; you can also zoom in and out to a particular neighborhood with your cursor or identify a specific property by typing the the address or tax schedule number.



The Comprehensive Plan is a guide for the physical growth of the city to the year 2020. In doing so, it serves as a long-range vision of what we want our city to become, as a tool for making decisions about how that vision should be achieved, and as a specific program of action for reaching our stated objectives.

Comprehensive Planning is currently involved in several special projects to include Infill and Redevelopment, Economic Opportunity Zones (EOZ), Academy Boulevard and Hancock Expressway Linkages and Special Districts.

Comprehensive Plan


Planning & Community Development oversees several Boards and Commission that review and approval various types of development applications within the City. These Boards include the City Planning Commission, Downtown Review Board and the Historic Preservation Board.

The Planning Commission is a nine-member body appointed by City Council to review various development applications and proposals with some applications decided by the Commission while others proceed onto City Council for final approval.

The Downtown Review Board are nine individuals appointed by City Council to review particular development applications in the Form-Based-Zone within the Downtown area.

The Historic Preservation Board appointed by City Council meets every other month to review and approve requests made for building and property changes within the Historic Preservation Overlay.

City Planning Commission 

Downtown Review Board

Historic Preservation   

The City of Colorado Springs has a variety of maps available to be viewed and/or downloaded. The maps are in .pdf format and require Adobe 9.0 or higher to view and download. Each map contains its own disclaimer and copyright date.

There is a disclaimer for public usage of the maps; however you are welcome to download and print them as long as they are within the disclaimer parameters.



There are four geographic areas within the City of Colorado Springs; North, South, Central and Urban Planning. Each area has assigned Planners that work on various development projects within the geographic area boundaries. To determine which area your property might be located in, you can select the Planning Team map to find that information. Planners within each area will hold pre-application meetings for projects that are anticipated, proposed or planned for a particular area or property. Once a pre-application meeting is completed, a summary of the meeting along with notes and information that identify required components of the development project that need to be submitted along with the applications are completed. To view a summary of the most recent pre-application meeting summaries for the last few months, select the appropriate area of interest:

Planning & Community Development has a variety of codes and publications available to be purchased, viewed and/or downloaded.

The Comprehensive Plan, Zoning Code and Subdivision Code are included within the Code of the City of Colorado Springs, 2001 as amended. The Comprehensive Plan is Article 1 of Chapter 7 and provides an overall view of development. The Zoning Code portion is Articles 2 through 5 of Chapter 7 and pertains to specific standards, regulations and requirements for planning and development. The Subdivision Code portion is Article 6 through 9 of Chapter 7 and pertains to standards and regulations for subdivision and platting of property.

Some of the available manuals include the Landscape Code and Policy Manual, Hillside Manual, Streamside Manual, Downtown Colorado Springs Form-Based Code, Mixed Use Design Manual and Traditional Neighborhood Development Manual.

Hard copies of the Comprehensive Plan, Zoning and Subdivision Code and manuals can be purchased through the Office Services Division at the City Administration Building located at 30 S. Nevada Avenue, Suite L01.


Zoning Code