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Learn about the City of Colorado Springs as an employer and what our beautiful city has to offer as a place to live and work:

Airport Careers 

Approximately 19,000 people work on the property of Colorado Springs Airport. The airport is owned and managed by the City of Colorado Springs, with only 100 of those jobs being city government jobs. In addition to the city jobs, employment opportunities can be found with the airlines, security companies, service providers (such as rental car companies and food and beverage concessionaires), construction companies, federal government with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), just to name a few.

City Careers

Find out about open positions, apply for a City career or internship, and learn about benefits.

Fire Department Careers

Find out about open positions in the Colorado Springs Fire Department, the hiring process and minimum qualifications.

Police Department Careers

Find out about the process and rewards of becoming on professional police officer with the City of Colorado Springs.