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Sustainability & Initiatives



  • City Sustainability Plan
    • The City of Colorado Springs is creating a City Sustainability Plan that describes the City’s sustainability goals and initiatives. The plan shows information on sustainability trends and how Colorado Springs compares to other cities. Each year there will be a Sustainability Report published that tracks the progress made in sustainability over the year and revisits goals from the Plan.


  • Local Food for City Events
    • The City of Colorado Springs will give preference to local food sources, including grocery stores and restaurants, for catering of city events. This ensures a strong commitment to supporting the local economy and  reduces our food miles from farmer to consumer.
  • Composting Pilot Project
    • The City of Colorado Springs is in the planning phase of a composting pilot project for City employees. The project mandates city employees  to be educated on best practices and given access to a composting bin managed by the Office of Sustainability Staff. If successful, options for a community-wide composting project will be explored.
  • Food Policy Advisory Board
    • The Colorado Springs Sustainability Committee supports the efforts of the Food Policy Advisory Board. This is a seven-member board that acts as a resource for programs, policies, and operations affecting local food in the Springs. The board is creating a Local Food Plan that the Agriculture Sustainability Team  promotes, alongside other City-specific goals. Members of the Food Policy Advisory Board serve on the Agriculture Sustainability Team as well.

Arts & Culture

  • Pioneers Museum Colorado Springs Art Master Plan
    • The Pioneers Museum and other partners are creating an Arts Master Plan for the City of Colorado Springs. This plan will be adopted by the Office of Sustainability for our arts and culture goals. The plan will help bring the community together around art projects and programs, as well as set the stage for a flourishing art scene.


  • Energy Audits at City Facilities
    • Both the Colorado Springs Utilities (CSU) and Energy Resource Center are auditing City facilities for energy inefficiencies. The City is analyzing utility data, with the help from El Paso County and CSU, and prioritizing the target properties based on the highest energy intensity levels.  The City hopes to retrofit and improve all facility components that are poorly performing to increase energy conservation and save taxpayer dollars.
  • Partnering with Clean Cities Southern Colorado Coalition
    • The City of Colorado Springs is partnering with Southern Colorado Clean Cities Coalition to analyze the City’s vehicle fleet. In the next several years our fleet vehicles will need to be phased out, and we want to purchase cleaner, safer, and more efficient vehicles. The results of the analysis will help steer the City in the right direction to reduce our emissions, conserve energy, and meet the performance needs of City service vehicles.

Materials Management & Procurement 

  • Environmentally Preferred Purchasing Policy 
    • The Procurement Services Department's Environmentally Preferred Purchasing (EPP) policy establishes green purchasing and procurement guidelines for the City.  The City of Colorado Springs prefers to purchase products that have extended life cycles, including qualities such as minimal pollution and toxins, and minimal impact on natural resources.
  • GOALZERO Recycling
    • GOALZERO recycling is focused on making an IMPACT on hunger in our COMMUNITY. We are currently accepting recyclable materials for FREE PUBLIC DROP-OFF.


  • Downtown Transit Station Study
    • The Downtown Transit Station Study is examining options for a new multimodal transit site in Colorado Springs. This station is needed to improve safety and operations of our transit system, as well as address capacity needs. A site is to be recommended by late summer/early fall, with community input considered during all study stages. This new site will provide safe and efficient conditions for all our metro riders, as well as those who use other modes of transport and are impacted by metro routes.
  • Biking Master Plan
    • A biking master plan is underway at the City. Our Senior Bicycle Planner is avidly working to create an actionable plan that fulfills the needs of all our residents.

Water Management

  • Utility Data Analysis
    • In partnership with El Paso County and Colorado Springs Utilities, the City of Colorado Springs is investigating their water usage in all City buildings and outdoor land areas. This analysis uncovers inefficiencies and resolves them, resulting in water conservation and cost savings. The results of the analysis will be published once completed.