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The Finance Department's objective is to provide high quality service to our customers.  This involves dedicated staff available to respond in an efficient and effective manner.

Finance Divisions

  • Accounting (719-385-5224 /Accts Receivable 719-385-2367) is responsible for: Financial Reporting including the CAFR (Comprehensive Annual Financial Report); Cash and Investment Management; Debt Management; Accounts Receivable.
  • Accounts Payable (719-385-5292) is responsible for: disbursing payment for all City's financial obligations; Issue 1099 miscellaneous forms for all vendors.
  • City Budget (719-385-5970) develops the annual City Budget. View the current City Budget or past City Budgets.
  • Payroll and Pensions (719-385-5921) handles all the work associated with paying City employees.
  • Procurement Services  (719-385-5910) is responsible for: Current RFP's and IFB's out for Bid; Publishing Bid Results
  • Sales Tax (719-385-5903) is responsible for: The collection of all City sales tax monies; Business compliance with the sales and use tax code; Conducting classes to inform and educate the public; Internal and external reporting of sales tax collections.