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Located at the base of Pikes Peak, the City of Colorado Springs has over 9,000 acres of parkland and 500 acres of trails that include renown attractions like Garden of the Gods and the Manitou Incline trail.

City parks encompass a diverse array of natural areas, including forested foothills, sheer-walled canyons, mountain streams, unique rock formations, expansive grasslands and scenic mesas.

Colorado Springs also provides a variety of urban commuter trails, neighborhood parks, athletic facilities and open spaces that contribute to the department's mission to enhance the quality of life for its residents.

In total, Parks, Recreation & Cultural Services manage:

  • 7 regional parks
  • 8 community parks
  • 136 neighborhood parks
  • 5 sports complexes
  • 105 miles of urban trails
  • 160 miles of park trails
  • 48 open space areas
  • 2 public golf courses
  • 2 public cemeteries

The list continues to grow as the department adds and maintains recreational areas, with many new areas in development. Click here for a look at the Parks System Master Plan. 


A historic photo of Acacia ParkParks, open space and the surrounding mountains have been an important part of the experience of the city since its founding.

When Colorado Springs filed the original town plat in 1871, it included one city block as the first city-owned park. The park, known as North Park or Acacia Square is the site of the present-day Acacia Park.

Colorado Springs' city founder General William Jackson Palmer generously donated 1,270 acres of parkland, bridle and foot paths, scenic drives and roadways planted with trees, to establish a significant foundation of the Colorado Springs park system. These gifts included Acacia (North) Park, Monument Valley Park, Antlers Park, Pioneer Square (South) Park, Palmer Park, North Cheyenne Cañon, Prospect Lake and Bear Creek Cañon.

In 1909, the Perkins heirs gave Garden of the Gods Park to the City, adding to the beautiful parkland already established.

The parks, recreation, trails and open space system has developed into a diverse and vibrant network – a direct result of decades of work, leadership, and investment by community members and leaders.

Park Hours and Rules

November 1 to April 30: 5 am - 9 pm.
May 1 to October 31: 5 am - 11 pm.

Park Rules

  1. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited in City Parks by Ordinance No 9-9-410.
  2. Parking/Vehicular Access: Motorized vehicles of all types including golf carts, gators, ATVs, etc, are strictly prohibited on park property, lawns, turf, restricted roadways, bicycle/pedestrian pathways, creek pathways, turf or athletic fields. All cars must be parked in designated parking areas.
  3. Trash and debris must be disposed of properly.
  4. Open fires and charcoal grills are prohibited. Make every effort to see that propane grills are placed on hard surfaces such as a concrete pad or picnic table. 
  5. It is unlawful for any person to injure, deface, destroy, sever or remove any park property.
  6. If you are using amplified equipment for your picnic or event, you will need to obtain a noise permit through the Police Department per Ordinances No. 9-8-101 through 9-8-109. Please contact CSPD at 444-7704 regarding noise permits. No permit is confirmed until the noise permit has been approved.
  7. The posting of signs leading to a reservation area or hanging decorations or other materials on park buildings, structures or vegetation is prohibited.


From this page, you can browse many different maps of various parks in the city. If a wheel chair icon appears next to a park name on the zip code maps or appears in the corner of a neighborhood park map, that park is ADA compliant (ASTM standards). Please keep in mind, other parks might be partially ADA compliant. 

    Adobe Maps (pdf format)

    Park Land Map Please be patient, as this map is 4.55 MB in size.
    Garden Of The Gods Park Map, page 1 of 2
    Garden Of The Gods Park Map, page 2 of 2
    Memorial Park Map
    North Cheyenne Cañon Park Map, page 1 of 2
    North Cheyenne Cañon Park Map, page 2 of 2
    Palmer Park Map, page 1 of 2
    Palmer Park Map, page 2 of 2
    Red Rock Canyon Open Space Map

    Trail Wayfinding Maps

    Cottonwood Creek Trail Wayfinding Map
    Homestead Trail Wayfinding Map
    Midland Trail Wayfinding Map
    Pikes Peak Greenway Trail Wayfinding Map
    Rock Island & Shooks Run Trails Wayfinding Map
    Sinton & Templeton Gap Trails Wayfinding Map