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Code Enforcement


The Code of the City of Colorado Springs encompasses any regulation or provision required and/or enforced within the City of Colorado Springs. The entire Code is available online.

View City Code Online

Have a complaint?

Call the Colorado Springs Police Department's non-emergency line at 444-7000 for:
  • noise complaints including loud music, vehicles and parties
  • recreational vehicles located on public streets
  • abandoned vehicles located on public streets
Contact Traffic Engineering at (719) 385-5908 or at for:
  • complaints dealing with streets
  • traffic standards
  • sight visibility
Fill out the code enforcement complaint form for:
  • graffiti
  • litter, trash, sanitation
  • weeds
  • commercial & industrial noise
  • sheds, decks, home additions, fences
  • home based businesses
  • garage sales
  • lights shining into rights-of-way or neighboring properties
  • landscaping maintenance on commercial properties
  • more examples of zoning/land use violations

Fill out online complaint form

More about the City Code

The entire City Code discusses in addition to planning, building and development, the licensing and regulation of the sale and use of alcoholic beverages, animals and fowl, auctions and auctioneers, pawnbrokers, building contractors, various amusements, massage parlors, merchant patrols and patrolmen, fumigators and exterminators, peddlers, junk dealers, antique and second hand dealers, occupations and businesses, elections, disposal of garbage, trash and waste, use of parks, playgrounds and cemeteries, public improvements, streets and sidewalks, traffic, City-owned utilities, and the use of land, the selection and regulation of personnel, fire and police protection and the protection of health and sanitation, defining and prohibiting certain offenses, defining the powers and duties of the various departments of the City and the administration thereof, the levying of taxes and special assessments and the fixing of penalties.